Website Launched (yes, we finally succumbed to the idea)

Sometimes it takes more than just time to get your website up and running. We’ve been meaning to have our website up and running on for what seems eons now, but never got to it.

Embarrassing as it was, to let others know that we did not have a website up and running… yet! – we did muster up the strength and killed the laziness bug to finally put the efforts into a neat, functional website over one hard earned weekend.

Ladies and gentlemen: ta-da!

Here is it. I believe this is Web Site Version:5 or 6.

The website itself is minimalistic – by choice. Its time for a brand of our own, and in the coming weeks, we will be releasing our own global brand (for hosting, apps, mail, etc.) – something we have been silently and coyly working on for over 2 years. Always debating – why someone would consider “n-a-c-s-p-l” as their hosting provider, why don’t we have a cool sounding domain?

Well, now we do. *drum-roll*…. sorry, can’t bust the surprise before the launch now can we?

Anyways, the current website contains all the necessary information to let our users engage with us for their web, apps, email hosting needs. Keep a watch out on this area for more exciting events and showcases of our product and services offering in the coming week.

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